Channel 9 Studios

Excited but scared!

Minutes from going “on air” for my first TV interview on Channel Nine Afternoon News, Adelaide, South Australia, 21st September, 2017

Nine Afternoon News.

Fresh from the make-up room and all ready to go! Talking with Channel 9 News Presenter, Brenton Ragless, at Channel 9 Studios, Pirie Street, Adelaide, South Australia, right before my interview about my book “Navigating Alzheimer’s – Survival Secrets of a Long Term Carer”, with Alice Monfries on Nine Afternoon News, at 4pm on 21st September, 2017. Some last minute reassuring words from Brenton helped calm my nerves!

Article from The Advertiser newspaper, Adelaide, South Australia

Article from the Baby Boomers section of The Advertiser on 9 October, 2017.