“I was deeply moved by Carolyn’s story.  Hers is truly a brave one.  I knew little of this condition when I started reading Carolyn’s book, but the way she has traced her and Richard’s steps from diagnosis to her experiences navigating the health system as a carer has given me such an insight into Alzheimer’s disease and what carers are up against when they seek the support they need.

Carolyn gets the balance of humour and sensitivity just right as she shares her and Richard’s love story alongside a disease which ultimately took her husband away from her.  More importantly, Carolyn provides the reader with practical tips on supporting carers of those with Alzheimer’s.  Carers are the people who are often overlooked and Carolyn has now given them a voice.  I can see this book assisting doctors with newly diagnosed patients as well as policy makers who need to make changes to the system to help patients and their carers in a more meaningful way.  A wonderful, insightful book.”

Bee King, Adelaide, South Australia

“I picked the book up when I got home this evening and didn’t put it down until I finished it at 12:20 am!

It is a compelling read.  You have done a great job of telling your story and highlighting what we can learn from it.  I am most impressed by your decision not to become a victim. You are giving other carers hope that they too may not only survive but go on to live fulfilling lives again.”

Trudi Meakins, South Australia

We live in hope for both carer and patient.

Really enjoyed reading your book.  I think you are incredibly brave and kind sharing so many personal, physical and emotional moments from your family’s journey.

The depth of your compassion and love clearly was the catalyst of your drive and determination.  Reading the book as someone/anyone who has/has not or may experience this cruel and terrible illness will gain enormous comfort from your frank and honest conveyance of the many challenges you all faced and overcome.

The book provides the reader so much more than emotional strength and insight to fighting Alzheimer’s.  I think it guides individuals to stop, stand still and focus, to look at our values and to consider every challenge as an opportunity to produce something positive.  For this I thank you.

I think your book will reach many people, and as above help them on their journey, whether caring for someone or just someone who needs a hug and encouragement to keep hope and strength.

David Yates, Adelaide, South Australia